She’s Only Sixteen – She’s Only Sixteen (2012)

sixteenWhatever happened to these buzzworthy garage/punk bands of the early 2010s. The ButcherCons, She’s Only Sixteen, the relatively lesser known Rebelle Fleur. Okay, we got one full length album (Coalesce), another EP, and this. Four cuts plus a bonus acoustic version of the first single. “Nothing to Say” would have made this even better. Like The ButcherCons before them, She’s Only Sixteen demonstrates the credo other startups should adhere to—take something and make it your own—at least with the A-sides (“Amygdala”, “Dying to Meet You”). Which makes the Arctic Monkeys-The Strokes influence/comparison the B-sides seem to have made more obvious, easier to ignore. B+  

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