She’s Only Sixteen – Whatever That Was (2017)

shesonlyIn some alternate timeline, this is already full-length album number 2. But in our timeline, this is the full-length debut. Five years is a long time. And their former label “shelving” them for the same length of time effectively prevented them from releasing that (alternate timeline) first album that would connect the dots between Whatever That Was and their eponymous EP. Sure that first album would have sounded different than this. But then again, if this is album number 2, this would probably sound different too. The long wait and disappointments that comes with it seem to have turned the once sweet into sour, slowed down their tempos, sucked out the fun. This has none of what little lighting in a bottle the first EP had. I liked them better back when they had more energy to spare, even when they had nothing really meaningful to say, back when they’re dying to date underage girls—roughly same age as them I suppose—instead of wanting to be left alone, back when they thought they had this “can’t get you out of my head” effect on them girls, who go to their gigs and love them. B- 

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