Tubero – Kupal Destroyer (2018)

821915No beating around the bush, no matter how thick the bush may be. They play hard, erect, direct to the point. With songs the starts and expires as fast as one can say “Mamatay Ka Na,” titles that could make blush even the likes of Boy Sullivan and Andrew E. (“Kevin Tuwad”, “Walang Panty”, the one that goes “Ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-kol!”, etc.), names that could make Marilyn Manson rethink his whole career (e.g., Birjin Pakir), Tubero’s Kupal Destroyer, is hands down the best (and only) kupal metal album of the year. Tubero plays their signature grind-kupal-core balls to wall. And they play harder, faster, hornier, vulgarer than any metal band I heard this year (only two as of last counting). Even though Tubero’s brand of heavy metal comedy works on so many levels–deadpan, innuendo, high brow, low brow, no brow, dry, wet, meta, mock, even Spinal Tap Level–their music ain’t just for laughs. Whether by intent or accident, they actually humanize heavy music. Their songs are about the daily struggles of an everyman, like dealing with questionable authority (i.e., the pesky guard, your asshole boss), sex or the lack thereof, and heavy music (i.e., headbanging, air guitaring, etc.) as a form of release, an outlet for the stress we get from our day jobs, the never ending traffic, incompetency of the gov’t, the rampant corruption, and every thing bad we see on our daily newsfeeds. *** 

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