Parokya Ni Edgar – Khangkhungkherrnitz (1996)

TVJ’s Tough Hits is the blueprint they patterned this from. And anything by Yoyoy Villame. And since they’re three heads harder than TVJ, the goofs are sandwiched between originals and parodies come in full form. Radiohead’s first hit became “Trip,” a tale about addiction to siopao made in Shaolin House, one from The Clash became … Continue reading Parokya Ni Edgar – Khangkhungkherrnitz (1996)

Parokya Ni Edgar – Buruguduystuntugudunstuy (1997)

It’s slightly less funny the second time around but you can always have a second helping. This has better packaging than the first. And I like it that they’re superheroes this time (probably a reference to Wilce Portacio’s work on Rivermaya’s Trip) and Chito Miranda’s superpowers is that of a metro aide. And much better … Continue reading Parokya Ni Edgar – Buruguduystuntugudunstuy (1997)

Parokya Ni Edgar – Gulong Itlog Gulong (1999)

Their stab at sincerity is probably as worthwhile as their funniest gag yet, the non-song, non-filler “Cobra Bird.” Their parody of Cake’s cover of Gloria Gaynor’s disco hit is a winner but the non-killer fillers outnumber the killer non-fillers (“Saan Man Patungo”, “Inuman Na”). **

Introvoys – Line to Heaven (1994)

“Kailanman,” “Line to Heaven,” and whatever’s the big deal with Geneva Cruz and Paco Arespacochaga. Well, there’s clearly no “Kailanman.” Just ask KC Montero. Like the previous albums, this is ripe with cliche, kind of (and I’m probably being generous here) generic sounding songs and a couple of passable radio singles. There’s probably more objectionable … Continue reading Introvoys – Line to Heaven (1994)

Oh, Flamingo! – Oh, Flamingo! (2015)

They have some really nifty guitar-indie pop, with some odd, maybe not African-inspired beats (maybe) that you’d wish they have something more interesting to say. Or at least, interesting way(s) to say them. Maybe their latest, “Parara,” “Naubos Na” were attempts in trying to do that. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking because, … Continue reading Oh, Flamingo! – Oh, Flamingo! (2015)


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